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Low-flow Flowmeters


      Low-flow Flow meter

     Q= 0,01- 10 LPM, G 1/4"


Flow meter, micro, mini, for all liquids - YOUR manufacturer: B.I.O.-TECH GmbH


Oval gear Flowmeter from stainless steel, Aluminum PP or PVDF

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micro Flowmeters, Digitalflowmeters, low flow, miniature oval gear flow meters, from B.I.O.-TECH GmbH

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We are manufacturer for Digital Flowmeters, mobile, Oil flowmeters, Oilflowmeter,  miniature flowmeters, Fuelflowmeters, Diesel flow meters and monitors, Oilflowmeters, Waterflowmeter, portable Digitalflowmeters, Turbineflowmeters, Turbine Flowmeter, Watermeter, Low flow flowmeter, Ovalgear flowmeter, Flowsensor,  B.I.O.-TECH GmbH flow measuring instruments or digital flow meters (bt flowmeter) can be used anywhere, where small quantities liquids have to be measured precisely.

Whether it’s aqueous or highly viscous media, with our mini low flow flow-meter you can measure: acid, lye, water, corrosive fluids, slurries, pesticides, detergents, liquid soap, acid, disinfectant, rinse fluid, cleaning agents, solvents, alkalines solutions, caustic solutions, chlorine, glue, brine, resin, dyes, greases, polyurethane, isocynates, glue, adhesives, resins, liquid gases, wax, waxes, paste, oil, gasoline, Vegoil, Diesel, Biodiesel, Petroleum, fuel, oil, gasoline, kerosene, mineral spirits, DI water, drinking water, cooling water, catchup, sirup.

All flow meters for chemically liquids / Flowmeters (for corrosive and caustic chemicals) are equipped with ultrasonic welded magnets and are free of metal. This ensures 100% tightness and resistance to aggressive media.

We have been developing and manufacturing from an outstanding product range for more than 22 years fluid flow meters, which stretches from low cost flow meter, Turbine flow meter, Turbineflowmeter, Digitalflowmeter, Miniature flow meter, Water flow meter,  Waterflowmeter, Oil flow meter, Oilflowmeter, Oil flowmeter, Paddlewheel flow meter, paddle wheel flow meter, volumetric flow meter, gear wheel meter, oval gear flow meter, flow sensors, flow metering, up to electronics like: Digital flowmeter, Digital flow meters, Oil Flowmeters, Fuelflowmeters, Flow sensor, Turbineflowmeters, Oil flow meters, Water flow meter, Water Meter, Water Flowmeter, Oval gear Flow meter, Diesel Flowmeter, Oval gear Flowmeter, Oval, Chemical, Watermeter, Digitalflowmeters, Turbine flowsensors, Flow controller, batch controller, differential flow measuring instruments for measuring fuel consumption, diesel fuel flowmeter, Diesel Fuel flowmeters, fuel flowmeters, Fuelflowmeter, Oilflowmeters, oil flow measurement, Totalizer, Totaliser and flow controllers.

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Low flow flow meter, oil-Flowmeters, Fuel flow meter, Oil Flow meter, Oval Gear Flow meter, Watermeter, Digitalflowmeter, Turbineflowmeter, Digital Flow meter, Oilflowmeters,  Flowmeasuring instruments Made In Germany.

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