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Ovalgear low flow Sensor VZ0-03-ECTFE Q= 0,03 - 1,5 LPM

Ovalgear Sensor VZO-03-ECTFE
Ovalgear Flow Sensor VZO-03-ECTFE

Ovalgear Sensors / meters are ideal for measuring chemically agressive fluids, and are used for flow measurement and batching in chemical plants for measuring acids, detergents, caustic solutions, soldering flux   VZ0-03 - ECTFE / PP - Sereis.

The Oval Gear Flow meter uses two fine-toothed meshed gears that are oval in shape and engage each other in a precision machined body.

This fluid is transferred sequentially from the inlet to the outlet and one ore two pulses are transmitted for each revolution of the gear.

Embedded within the gear, a pair of chemically resistant magnets provide the external signals.

Detection of the rotation uses either a reed switch or a Hall effect sensor on the outside of the fluid housing.

A choice of materials, ECTFE, PP, PVC, PPS, PTFE /  allows the meters to be used in a variety of corrosive applications, for non corrosive we use coated aluminum.

The equipment is suitable for use in hazardous areas, and the basic meter is classed as simple apparatus, enabling use in monitoring flows of low viscosity hydrocarbons, fuels and solvents.

B.I.O-TECH can supply electronic metering systems, transmitters 0- 5/10 V or 0/4- 20 mA F/Analog convertr and indicators for many application.

Oval Gear Flowmeters VZO-03 Series is avialible with connector protection class IP 65, cable, PLC-compatible digital signal output, Reed-contact, 0-5 V, 0- 10 V or 0- 20 mA, 4- 20 mA. 

The  max. pressure is 10 bar and max temperature up 120 °C.