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Oval gear Sensor with integrated PT100

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Oval gear flowsensor

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Oval gear flowmeter

Oval gear flow meter


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Oval gear flow meter

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mini Oval gear Flowmeter from stainless steel, up to 180°C and built in Temperature Sensor PT100

miniature Ovalgear Sensor up 180°C

VZS-005-VA mini

Oval gear Flowmeter

With integrated PT100

NPN-o.c. 3600 Pulses/Litre

Art.-No.: 97478404


Suitable for liquids

chemically aggressive liquids

Flow range min. / max. LPM

0,005 LPM

1,75 LPM

Pressure min. / max.

-0,8 bar

30 bar

Operating temperature min./ max.

-20 °C

180 °C

Material /  Rotor / O-Ring

Stainless steel 316L / PPS / FKM

Process connector

2 x G 1/ 8" female thread BSP

Electrical connection

Silicon cable L= 2 m

Signal / Output square-wave

NPN, Temperature sensor PT100

Data sheet

 undefined 97478790-Download pdf