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Gear wheel Flowmeters VZB 5 Series for Chemicals and Oil

Gear wheel Flowmeters VZB-5 Series: Q= 0,1 - 5,0 LPM


            Zahnradzähler VZB-5-PE       Zahnradsensor VZB-5-ALU   

                      VZB-5-PP                                             VZB-5-PE                                           VZB-5-ALU


Gear wheel flowmeters from plastic are ideal for measuring and dosing chemically agressive high viscous liquids like acids, detergents, caustic solutions.

Detection of the rotation uses either a reed switch or a Hall effect sensor on the outside of the fluid housing.

A choice of materials, PP , PPS, PTFE /  allows the meters to be used in a variety of corrosive applications, for non corrosive we use coated aluminum.

B.I.O-TECH can supply electronic metering systems, transmitters and indicators for any application.

The Gear Flowmeters VZB-5 Series is avialible with connector protection class IP 65, cable, PLC-compatible digital signal output or Reed-contact. 

The  max. pressure is 110 bar and max temperature up 160 °C