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Paddle wheel Flow Meters FCH-SE-Series - Q= 7- 1000 LPM

Paddle Wheel Flow meters FCH-SE-PP
Paddle Wheel Flow meters FCH-SE-Ms

The Paddle-wheel flow meters from the series FCH-SE is a very compact and durable flow measuring instruments with a wide flow range.  The devices have large nominal size with minimum pressure loss. The measuring range goes from 0,264- 264 GPM (2 - 1000 LPM) The devices are characterised by a very good stability in relation to chemically aggressive media.


All medium affected parts are from high-quality plastics Polypropylene, ECTFE, Ceramic.
The FCH-SE Flowmeter available in different matrials: PP, PP-nature (drinking water conformal)  brass (up to 110 bar) and stainless steel. Nominal sizes DN 25 - DN 50.

Output signals can be: NPN, PNP, reed contact, analog outputs: 0- 5 V, 0- 10 V, 0- 20, 4 - 20 mA. 

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