Flowmeter Products

Flowmeters for industrial application Q= 1- 100 LPM

Durchflussmessgeräte FCH-34-ALU

The flow meters of the series FCH-34 are very compact and durable flow measuring instruments with large flow rates an achievement. The devices a relatively high passage nominal size which a small pressure loss. The measuring range goes from 0,5 - 100 LPM. The devices appear by a very good linearity over the entire measuring range. A further advantage is, the high resolution, thus is realizable exact dosing of liquids.

Output signal: NPN, PNP, reed contact, analogue outputs: 0 5 V, 0 10 V, 0 20 and 4 - 20 mA for the order. A build in temperature sensor PT 100 / PT 1000 is also avialible.