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Flow meters lowflow

The mini low-flow Flow meters of the FCH-midi-POM/ PVDF Series are especially suitable for measuring low viscous liquids starting from 0.015 LPM like: gasoline, diesel, water,  beverages,  juices or chemically aggressive liquids.



Depending on the size of the nozzle, D= 0.9 – 5 mm maximal, our FCH-midi flow meters  can be retooled for lower rates of flow Q= 0.015 LPM up to 15 LPM.






















Low flow Flowmeter

Lowflow Flowmeter

Lowflow Flow meter


Turbine flowmeter


Turbine Flow meter

Water flow meter

Water flowmeter

Water flow meters

Fuel flowmeters

Fuel flowmeter

Fuel flow meter

Fuel flow meters

Diesel fuel flowmeters

Fuel Flow sensor

Diesel Flow meter


oil Flow sensor

Diesel oil Flow meter


Oil flow meter

Oil flowmeter


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Midi Flow meters, Lowflow Flowmeters Q= 0,015- 15 LPM

Turbine FLOWMETERS, FCH-midi Q= 0,05 - 13 LPM


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