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Flow meter Info


Turbie Flowmeter for measuring low viscous and chemically aggressive liquids.

Flow range: 0,005- 1000 Litres / minute (LPM)


Ovalgear Flow sensors / meters for very low flow are ideal for chemically agressive fluids, and are used for flow measurement and batching in chemical plants for measuring acids, detergents, caustic solutions, soldering flux  VZS-005 - 7VA stainless steel-Sereis, PP, PVDF.

In Aluminium for mesuring: Oil, Diesel, Fuel, Water, or other non aggressive liquids.

Flow range 0,005- 150 Litres / minute (LPM)



Flowmonitor, Flowcontroller, Flow controller, Batch Controller, Flow Computer 

Frequency-Analog-Converter: 0- 5 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 / 4-20 mA.

Flow meter Product range

Flowmeter extreme low Flow, Turbine flow meter, Water meters, Paddle Wheel Flow meter



Positive Displacement Technologies,  Gear Flowsensors, Oval gear Flow meter



Flow Controllers,  Batch Controllers /  Flow Monitors



Accssories Filter housing PP,  Molded Tube Fittings PP




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